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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Service "Adjustments" Announced for NICE Bus

Early this morning, NICE bus announced several service changes to their bus system, including the elimination of midday service for:

N21 (1996 daily riders*)
N43 (1846 daily riders)
N45 (433 daily riders)
N48 (1322 daily riders)
N78 (762 daily riders)
N62 (189 daily riders)

The service changes also cut Saturday service for the N51 (278 daily riders) and the N45. For more information and schedules of your routes, please visit the NICE website. If you ride one of the lines that would be cut, or generally want to speak to the impact of the cuts on you or someone you know, contact us today.

* Ridership figures based on statistics from September, 2010.

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