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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Veolia CEO Mike Setzer "Agrees" With LI Bus Riders' Union Recommendations

by Charlene Obernauer

According to today's Newsday article, Veolia CEO Mike Setzer "agreed with the [the Bus Riders' Union's] recommendations and [is] working to address them." We are relieved to hear that our Report, From Privatization to Discrimination, is being taken seriously by Veolia and that Mr. Setzer is willing to take our recommendations into consideration.

Most notably, our No-to-Low Cost Recommendations include:

  1. Maintain constant supply of bus schedules at terminals, bus stops, and on buses
  2.  Maintain multi-lingual communication and audible announcements to riders
  3. Maintain "Request-a-stop" Late Night service on NICE Bus, as existed on the LI Bus 

    We are calling for better service in Nassau County because we believe that bus riders deserve better service. Today's service adjustments, particularly those that involve cutting weekend and evening service and cutting back the frequency of routes; will have a drastic impact on some Nassau County bus riders.

    We want to see NICE bus:

    4. Expand late-night and Sunday Service and maintain off-peak hours
    5. Stabilize fares at $2.25 for NICE and $3.75 for Able-Ride for five years
    6. Restore routes cut by the MTA and implement no service cuts

    We recognize that while our no-to-low cost demands should be implemented immediately, and some involve simply following federal guidelines; prioritizing Nassau County bus riders will require increased subsidies from Nassau County, otherwise a future of drastic service cuts and fare increases will be inevitable.

    We welcome the support of NICE bus in implementing our proposed changes, and we hope to be able to work with the company as the process continues.

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