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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Open Letter to Mr. Mike Setzer, CEO of Veolia Transportation

Dear Mr. Setzer,

We are writing to you because we are concerned about the quality of bus service that will exist on April 8th, 2012. We understand that buses are hard to operate with limited resources and with Nassau County’s limited financial prioritization of public buses. We understand that taking over a transportation system is a gradual process, and that positive change cannot be expected overnight. However, we also understand just how substantial the service cuts that will be implemented on April 5th will be for bus riders in Nassau County.

Cutting midday and weekend service on routes has a huge impact on bus riders, and overall cuts nearly 25% of the total service on each route. Additionally, doubling the wait time for riders in between buses is concerning, as many bus riders are already commuting for over an hour every day.

On several occasions, we have requested a public analysis of exactly how many people will be impacted by the service cuts. In order to fully assess impact these service changes will have on riders and plan accordingly, we are requesting a public analysis of the ridership impact by March 8th, 2012, one month before service changes will occur.

As a measure of good faith moving forward, we also request that these changes are reviewed by the Transit Advisory Committee, and therefore have oversight by Nassau County.

Finally, in communicating service changes to the public, it is critical to have maps available to riders. We recommend posting maps (in English and Spanish) on poles and at terminals at least three weeks before the service changes begin, and having NICE staff explain complicated re-routing to bus riders. In order to make a smooth transition into service changes, bus riders need to know what the changes will be and how it will impact their daily commute.

Thank you,

Steering Committee
Long Island Bus Riders Union


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