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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Yorkers for Active Transportation Lobby Day!

Today, February 3rd, the LI Bus Riders' Union traveled to Albany to advocate for additional funds for Suffolk County! We were urging New York Senators to increase the State's contribution by $10 million; money that would go towards more Sunday and evening services.

In 2013 the state provided an additional $2 million towards the expansion of Sunday service for the first time in Suffolk County. This expansion was a HUGE success and was monumental for non-drivers who were home bound before; so, to demonstrate the impact we gave each Senator a copy of our SCT Sunday Service report. The report consisted of testimonies from bus riders, business owners, elected officials and community groups who have been affected or seen the effects of the new service. Click here for the report!

LIBRU members Richard, Yuki, Kimberly, Aaron and Allison with Senator Venditto's Chief of Staff, District 8
Organizer Aaron with Senator Jack Martins, District 7
LIBRU members speaking with Senator Thomas Croci, District 3
LIBRU members and Nadine Lemmon, Tri-State Transportation Campaign 
Senator Gustavo Rivera, District 33, Aaron and Veronica Vanterpool, Executive Director of Tri-State Transportation Campaign
Richard and Allison
Richard and Christopher, New York League of Conservation Voters  
The BRU after a hard day of lobbying

1 comment:

  1. It is kinda hard to be at all of the meetings when you are in between the MTA, NICE Bus, and Suffolk County Transit on the commutes as a Queens resident.

    While Nassau and Suffolk County residents can look at the in county issues surrounding transit, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island folk must look at the trips to/from the city, whether it is the LIRR for Suffolk County, or they are taking NICE Bus to the Subway or MTA Buses due to not being able to afford the LIRR combined with some of us turning down job offers due to being unable to commute to a destination with no transit, or there's no transit service on that line the hour that one clocks in or out.

    Then we must look at overly crowded buses along busy routes with not enough service during the day. It can be very overwhelming to commute to/from Long Island on transit services.