Financial Progress

Long Island Bus Riders' Union is committed to helping people get bus services of the quality they deserve without choosing between food and bus passes. Our initiative has made good progress on this issue, and we are proud to share our success with you.

Thanks to the support of local financial companies, it becomes possible to take real steps toward helping families and individuals in need. Lending companies understand transportation is an essential item that people need to access to get to work or school. It's a major expenditure they need to bear to bring some food to their tables or reach a better financial future. Therefore, our partners strongly believe residents must not obtain emergency loans to cover the costs of NICE bus fares. Instead, they created an emergency transportation fund that was launched to support vulnerable families and individuals. Thanks to their support, Long Island Bus Riders' Union makes it possible to provide free Metrocards for use on buses to help low- and moderate-income people get free rides to and from school, work, healthcare, and other essentials.

In addition, we managed to draw the attention of local authorities to problems in the field of transport. One of the main problems is using the money received due to a fare increase to fill budget shortfalls, not to restore, expand and improve bus services. Also, one of the current problems is the lack of investment in bus drivers and their safety, despite rising bus fares. Thus, we're looking forward to an initiative that will be developed in order to keep bus fares affordable for residents without a service cut.

Summing up, Long Island Bus Riders' Union we achieved the following financial progress:

  • Create an emergency transportation fund of over $100,000 provided by local lending companies;
  • Make a bus fare free for vulnerable families and individuals;
  • Investment in drivers and their safety.

We strongly believe that all the results mentioned are just the beginning. We want to thank everyone for the support and are sure we can make bus services better together.