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Next Wednesday, February 22nd, Long Island bus riders and community members will be holding a press conference calling for emergency state funding to prevent further cuts to NICE, ABLE-Ride, Suffolk County Transit and SCAT services! We are calling for a 4 point Emergency Action Plan to Preserve OUR Buses:

1) Include an emergency appropriation in the NYS budget to stave off cuts in Nassau bus service and restore service cut from Suffolk bus service.

2) Ensure that ridesharing legislation includes a mandate for a $0.50 surcharge for all rides on Long Island be directed to the Long Island bus systems and not the MTA, as was originally proposed.

3) Require that any Federal infrastructure dollars secured for the region have funding included for operating and capital budgets for LI bus service.

4) Conduct reviews of NICE and SCT routes by Nassau and Suffolk County to look for efficiencies and local offsets, if needed, to match State and Federal assistance for continued bus service.

We are also getting letters signed that we will be bringing up to Albany to further advocate for Long Island Buses, which are attached below!

Where: Babylon LIRR Station (at the bus stops)
When: 11 AM, February 22nd.

Please join us next Wednesday as we continue the fight for affordable, equitable and accessible public transportation for all!