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Monday, September 15, 2014

Bus Riders' DEMAND Equal Representation!

Did you know that the Vice Chairman of the Nassau County Bus Transit Committee is ALSO the Vice President of All Island Transportation?! 

When Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano made his appointments he thought it would be appropriate to place Lawrence W. Blessinger, Jr. on the committee yet he did NOT see fit to appoint a bus rider or rider advocate. This is not only a conflict of interest but a blatant denial of bus riders right to equal representation!

The Long Island Bus Riders' Union is demanding that Nassau County amend their contract with Veolia, NICE Bus operator, to include language that would require a bus rider or rider advocate to sit on the board with equal voting power. SO! We are calling on the community, both bus riders and non-riders, to come and join us on September 22nd in the Nassau County Legislature (1550 Franklin Avenue, Garden City 11501) at 1PM to call upon the Nassau County Legislature to stand with bus riders and give us the equal representation that is our right!

Bus riders are tired of a "NICE" Bus system, we want a JUST bus system!

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