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Friday, March 6, 2015


 Good Morning,
Contact your State Senator(s) and Assembly member(s) to request that they support increased transit funding in the state budget.
NYPTA needs the help of all our transit systems, business partners and stakeholders. The State Senate and Assembly are in final preparation of their one house budget bills. It is important to remind all legislators, at this critical time, of the need to increase state transit operating assistance (STOA) and capital funding to upstate and downstate transit systems.

Action: Contact the State Senators and Assembly members whose districts are served by your transit system and urge them to support both increased state transit operating assistance and increased transit capital funding in the 2015-16 state budget.

Specifically, urge them to support:
$25 million increase in STOA for upstate transit systems in 2015-16.
$17.4 million increase in STOA to downstate suburban county transit systems in 2015-16.
$100 million in capital funding to address transit infrastructure needs for both upstate and downstate suburban county transit in 2015-16.
Fully fund the 5 year capital program for the MTA and for all other transit systems.
Background: The Governor’s executive budget provided no growth in STOA and little new capital funding for upstate and downstate suburban county transit systems. Upstate STOA has been flat since 2009. Transit systems cannot continue to provide current service at existing funding levels.

In addition, all transit systems have capital needs to replace and renew aging infrastructure.  
Transit ridership is growing across the state and transit systems need increased state support in order to continue to support economic growth.

NYPTA’s 2015-16 state budget recommendations:
Increase state transit operating aid to upstate transit systems by $25 million and to downstate suburban county systems by $17.4 million.
Provide $100 million in state capital funding for the first year of the upstate and downstate suburban capital program.  
Develop a plan to fund the 5-year statewide infrastructure needs of the MTA and all other transit systems.
Provide additional transition funding from non-transportation resources to assist rural transit systems in dealing with the impacts of state Medicaid transportation changes.   
Bob Zerrillo, NYPTA Policy Director, 

Bob Reid, Legislative Counsel, Reid McNally & Savage, bobr@lobbywr.com518-465‑7330

On March 16th at 1PM the BRU will be going to the Nassau County Legislature, 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola 11501, to urge Nassau County to step forward and provide more funds for the buses AND make a call to New York State for additonal assistance. NICE Bus is in trouble, and without increased government contribution it will lead to service cuts, fare increases or BOTH!
So please come out and join us at 1PM on March 16th as we urge both Nassau AND New York State to invest in OUR bus system!
Also, mark your calendars for March 24th! We will be having our monthly meetings at the Ethical Humanist Society (38 Old Country Road, Garden City) from 6:30-8PM
Thank you and hope to see you there!
The Long Island Bus Riders' Union

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