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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Rate the Ride: Recap!

Hello Everyone!

2 weeks ago today the Long Island Bus Riders' Union started its second annual Rate the Ride trip from Jamaica, Queens to the Montauk Lighthouse. The purpose of our trip this year was to highlight the lack of accessibility for bus riders across Long Island. The two-day trip addressed the transportation needs of both Nassau and Suffolk County’s bus systems and bus riders called for necessary changes that would improve their lives. In Nassau County, bus riders called for increased language access; like braille at bus stops and multiple language schedules; increased county contributions to prevent frequent fare increases; and the relocation of the Nassau County Bus Transit Committee to a more accessible location and time.

During the trip riders stopped at the Roosevelt Field Mall and marched across several dangerous traffic lanes and unpaved walked ways to demonstrate the INACCESSIBILITY of the current Nassau County Bus Transit Committee. With the support of Legislator Laura Curran, we called for these meetings to be held at the Nassau County Legislature, 1550 Franklin Avenue, and moved to an accessible time for working riders, after 5pm. Check out the links below for coverage of our event:

In Suffolk County, riders will call for safer, more accessible bus stops, and increased late night and Sunday bus service. We were joined by Legislator Jay Schniederman, Tuwaun Webber, of Vision Long Island, and Dick Koubeck, of the Welfare to Work Commission, as each person spoke about the need for increased state aid to expand SCT on Sunday's and Late-Night.

We would like to thank everyone who joined and supported us on our grand adventure, to hear a little bit more about our trip check out the link below to listen to an interview organizer, Aaron Watkins-Lopez, partook in with Labor Lines: